Custom Videos

Different variations of your videos are made available by us.

Request video – Variant A:

You can make a request for a video with us. We offer video based on your own desires and fantasies. It is meant exclusively for you; not for anyone else.

Every person has his/her own unique sexual concepts, ideas and fantasies. You are not different. If you want to make an erotic femdom video with content exactly according to your desires, we get the job done in a perfect way. You can contact us to make custom fetish videos exclusively for you.

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Video request- Variant A: 

You can get in touch us by giving us a call, email or by post. When you convey your distinct ideas, we will create the video based on your ideas. Your script is followed in a dedicated way to deliver what exactly you want. No matter whether you are presenting your ideas in a detailed way or just an overall idea; we will create an erotic femdom video of your choice. Girls can be chosen from us. You can also put forward suggestions on locations, outfits and other related aspects depending on your creativity and imagination. You are going to be the soul possessor of the video. We are not going to publish it. The one and original can be kept by you. There won’t be any copies made. As the sole owner, you can watch and enjoy the video any time, any day. Click here for order

Video request- Variant B:

The video remains the same as that of variant a. Your ideas and specifications are followed to make the video for fulfilling your sexual fantasies. The fundamental difference from variant A is the price. Moreover, the erotic femdom video is published on our site. This variation is a good choice for those people, who want to create unique videos based on their fantasies and ideas and also want other people to see these fantasies. Order your videos by clicking here. Click here for order

Video request Variant C

It is also pretty same as the other two variations. Custom fetish videos are made according to your concepts and ideas. We have provided certain videos on our site that you really love to watch and want to see more. In such a situation, these films can be used to create a DVD. Click here for order

 Video request Variant D

Variant e) of our desired videos is exactly the same as d), which means that here too a video is made exactly according to your fantasies. The only difference is the price, the video will stay in your hands afterwards. The film is not published by us in this variant!

You have the opportunity to make a video according to your fantasies and with YOU as a performer just for you. There is only one original of the movie that only you own.
It will be shot for you and only you can watch your created video every day with YOU in action.Click here for order


Shipping/Product delivery

If you are not interested in receiving the created videos as an email attachment or in a download format; we offer our products on a disk. It can be in a Blu-ray disc, DVD or CD format. You can make use one of our two options. The first one is to opt for worldwide shipping by mail. The second one is to accept the product in person from our premise..


You have to make payment in advance to receive the requested videos. We carry on with the project once we receive your order and the amount is reflected in our account. When you place the order, we will send the account details. There is no standard price for the erotic femdom video we create because the ideas, concepts, fantasies and requirements of people vary. The effort we need to put in differs. After having received and assessed your request, we will get in touch with you to disclose the price. You can place your order by Clicking here